Irene Adekunbi Campbell PhD

Irene Adekunbi Campbell, PhDIrene and I met also in the classrooms during several courses but it was not until my second quarter in the dissertation shell that we became close friends. My first quarter I was the only student in Dr. Jimenez’s class so for Irene to post the first week in my second quarter was a most welcome sight. It took only a couple of weeks before we were emailing and calling each other outside of the classroom. As I had already been through the prospectus portion, I was able to offer suggestions. Always admiring her spunk and ability to preserver. I gradually learned also of Irene’s background and suspected there were many struggles she had to overcome on her journey. But I had no idea the extent of what she had endured until she submitted her chapters to me. Irene fought through these hardships twice, once when she lived them and the second time when she recorded them for this book.

Irene’s dissertation information:

2017 – The lived experiences of school nurses: Transitioning from Hospital to school worksite. Read it here.