When the product margarine first came out, mom bought it to try it out because it was less expensive than real butter. It looked nothing like the margarine we buy at the store today. When we got home after grocery shopping, Mom handed me a bag, about the size of a one-pound bag of popcorn or dried navy beans. The contents were white with the consistency of soft whipped cream and perched on top of this white canvas was a drop of orange yellow dye in the center, about the size of a dime. The yellow coloring was of no nutritional value, but was added by cleaver marketing so our brains could accept this new product as “butter” and not a white substitute. To make the margarine yellow, it was necessary to follow the theory of chaos and to massage the bag to evenly disperser the yellow coloring throughout the white until this new product of margarine resembled “real butter from cows”. I loved transforming this white substance to a light sunny yellow, to manipulate the yellow tentacles into the virgin areas of white. A simple pleasure, but one that generated a sense of control.